I Will Help You Climb In Overwatch Competitive

Game: Overwatch
Amount: $24 Play for: 5 days

Hello Fellas. I'm a Flex Player that plays on PC/EU Region! I have been Diamond since Season 5, and I have even hit top 500 Once. I'm here to help gamers of all skill levels improve! Whether Blizzard's Overwatch League has you interested in trying to go Pro - or you're newer to the game and just want to start in the right direction by avoiding bad habits and establishing good ones - I'm here to help you accomplish your goals. I can coach you, and play Duo Q with you ( on an alt-Account ). Just click on the green button and let me help you climb to the top!

Platform: Battle.net
Type of Player: Flex
Rank: Diamond

Play Overwatch With Requin (Win 40 Games)

  • Experience: I have played some tournaments and have achieved rank 460
  • Playstyle: My most comfortable role would be off-tank/main support but I am able to analyze and play all heroes/roles at a high level
  • Availability: I'm available every day until 1 pm UTC
  • Voice Communication: Overwatch Team Voice Chat

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