Take Your Game to The Next Level With a CS:GO Pro Player

Game: CS:GO
Amount: $10 Play for: 4 days

Why choose me? I have been playing CS:GO since beta. With my experience I can help you work on your fundamentals, or help you notice the smallest of details hindering your gameplay! Not just your average "tips and tricks" that every one knows about from youtube. Use these sessions to gain an advantage over your opponent!

If you are not sure if this is for you, drop me a message, we can talk for a bit to figure it out together!

Type of Player: Entry Fragger
Rank: Gold Nova Master
Region: EU North

Play CS:GO With Mantis (Win 50 Games)

  • Experience: I have 4K hours on CS:GO
  • Playstyle: I'm an entry-fragger, and I always prove myself capable of opening a site.
  • Availability: I'm available to play most days between 4 PM to 12 PM GMT
  • Player Link: https://csgo-stats.com/76561198119111385
  • Voice Communication: Discord

Real pleasure to play with him. Genuine skills does this full time as a living. Would order again :)


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